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Eye burn reviver

(Sometimes we have to block out the sun to see better what's here.)


I started to create an artificial blind spot by flashing light into my eyes to make an eye burn and drew it immediately before the image vanished. This image stayed as a photo-gene and disappeared in approximately 30 seconds. After it disappeared. I had to finish it by relying on a faintly remembered image.

Images are projected to reproduce my personal experience of eye burn and share with the viewer while the rotating light passes through their eyes as well. The angle of light matches with viewers eye level, and makes a same blurry temporal eye burn, layers with my own, which are sealed as a past.


30 second eye burn drawing​ 

2014, oil pastel on paper, 9"x12" each


Eye burn reviver

(Sometimes you have to block out the sun to see better what's here.)

2014, transparent film, iron, motor, wood, 58"x58"x61"

projected image based on '30 second eye burn drawing'


light facing the viewer

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