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Finding the blind spot


The blind spot project was started in 2014. It was motivated by the physical Phenomenon called “SCOTOMA” (blind spot) . All vertebrates lack photoreceptors cells in the location of the blind spot. The brain automatically fills this area with surrounding images. I tried to explore these minor perceptual lapses and it’s omni present-ness with a commonly used tool, as Google earth.


I am fascinated by the accessibility and ubiquity of the software and began exploring this representational method because of its own built in blind spot -where the camera itself occupies space and therefore no indexical data is collected in the sky area, at the apex of the image.

Undeleted shadow of the Google Earth camera

2014, screen shot,

finding the blind spot(screenshot).jpg

Google Earth glitch screen shot 


finding the blind spot(screenshot).2.jpg

Google Earth glitch screen shot collections, 2014

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