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Neither here nor there


'Neither here nor there' is a work motivated by a slit-scan technique used in the film, "2001 Space Odyssey"(1968).


A slit- scan method was used to create a specific illusion for the film when Dr. David travels through time and space. I was fascinated not only by the special effect, but also how the method is deeply related to the understanding of light and time. The method itself exists in a lower level of reality, but what it aims to produce is a much higher dimension of reality we cannot yet understand: Worm Hole, Black Hole, etc.


My project continues with this tradition as a crafted macrocosm, enabling viewers to achieve a sense of time, speed, light, and space in a microcosmic way. ‘Neither Here nor There’ is created in the form of a model. It is a stage, projection screen, and a sculpture. The model is made up of four rooms divided by transparent walls layered together towards the center.The increasing layers of film make the center more blurry and mirror-like. The videos being projected are captured through Google Earth’s navigation program. It is a travel from my current residence at the time to my past address in Chicago(2014-15). There is a gap between the speed of downloading the map images and the movement of scrolling the mouse, causing the landscape to break down into pixels.

While I move, It is hard to recognize where exactly I am going, I often need to stop and wait until the surroundings become clear to decide which way to go. Two Google Earth videos are projected (playing forward and backwards) onto a transparent/mirrored structure, and in extension, onto the surrounding walls.


Neither here nor there

2015, two projections, transparent film, iron, wood, 70"x46"x41"

four chairs at each corner are made from the residue of the projection table.


Neither here nor there - making process


Neither here nor there



detail cut

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