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Nothing personal



Nothing Personal’ is an interactive sound installation triggers by participant’s voice. Each objects (tools) has its own function and meaning. It is a space that is essentially empty without your voice. Every object requires your interaction. It does not exist if you are not there to see it, to feel it, to play it. The project, ‘Nothing Personal’ was started in 2016 focusing on how we communicate and highlights the areas in which nuance is blurred and intention breaks down.


I choose 'voice' as a material because I consider it is the most fundamental method of communication. It requires a certain physical boundary, facial and bodily expression, a role of listener and speaker, and intonation. Along with etiquette, we all have a different type of constructing our appearance to gain respect, recognition, and value.


I am focusing on the game that we play daily through interactions with others and the power dynamics embedded in those communications. The project aims to elaborate the meaning of taking a position; after all, doing so alters the experience as the sound vibrations are materialized by way of a bobble head and through the use of a seesaw microphone, a long range listening device, a security camera and a windmill. In this installation, the sounds you make and the conversations you have are picked up, amplified and transformed into visual representation. The sense of private and public boundaries are blurred and blended together by playing with notions of an ideal communication.


Nothing personal : poster



Seesaw microphone 

2016-7, chair, elbow pad armrest, textile transducer, iron

60"x72"x12" (except chairs)

Seesaw microphone is designed for two people. The textile transducer is attached to both chairs makes your body as an extension of the speaker. By blocking your ears, you can hear the other persons voice more clearly. 


Rotating sketch board & Sincerely comma,

2018, 2017, copper pipe, LED, television lens, plunger, wood

The drawings of the 'Rotating sketch board' was done by the visitors (permeant markers on a clear film). 'Sincerely comma', enlightens by using the plunger mic and projects the people's drawing on the wall.

np draw2.jpg

Rotating sketch board

2018, 2’x5'x2'


Nothing Personal (Installation view)



Seesaw microphone 



Sincerely comma

2017, 4’x5’x2’


Wobbly mic stand & Bobble head,

201-8, clear plastic, LED, speaker, microphone, wood, 

60"x36"x36" / 60"x5"x12"each 

Wobbly mic stand is designed for a four to three group of people. It's linked to the bobble head and the LED light. The bobble head nods back and illuminates to your voice, casting its shadow on the wall.


Bobble head,

2017, 60"x5"x12"


Observer and Listener


A projection image, captured from 'Observer and Listener', appears on the right wall. 


Two windmills and a fishing hook are tied together with a wire. 


Observer and Listener

2018, 300ft range listening device, mini camera, wood, 72" x 24" x 24"

'Observer, Listener’ can pick up a sound from approximately 300ft away. It picks up private conversations, amplifying them into the space. Also an image collected by the mini camera which is attached to piece are projected on the wall. 


Two windmills

2018, windmill, fan, cymbal, fishing hook, wire, pendulum

60" x 36" x 36" each  

The sentence, 'Nothing Personal' and 'Whatever you say' appears at each opposite sides when the LED-windmill starts to spin. 


A ceramic pendulum is attached to the center on a fishing hook. It’s linked to both sides of windmills tail, randomly playing the cymbal on the floor. 


Two windmills detail cut


installation map drawing 


Seesaw microphone drawing



Wobbly mic stand & Bobble head drawing



Two windmills drawing



Sincerely drawing



Observer & Listener drawing


'Ekphrastic Poetry Workshop with Ariel Yelen'

2018, Flux Factory Gallery, NY, US. Link

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