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I utilize diverse media to visualize the experience of liminality caused by dislocating, mis/ translating and adjusting. I aim to create an abstracted viewer experience through centric installations, amalgamating physical phenomena and surveillance technology. Through sculpture/models, video projections, and orbital installation I create microcosms, enabling viewers to achieve a sense of void, gap, awareness and position in a macrocosmic way. My work is concentrated to materialize the process of how we encounter scattered data of multiple proximities and how we incorporate them into our own subjective memories/perspectives.


Perspectives constantly changes its shape, swaying with the passage of time, and shifting the speed of an individual’s life and their environment, conducting collective memories and a sense of awareness. As an immigrant, I realized the experience of moving to another location not only changes one’s viewpoint but also prioritizes information in both a conscious and unconscious manner. These changes are unrecognizable yet they affect the position of objects and events.


I concentrate on grasping the possible loss caused by shifts and time gaps: the void (grey area) between objective fact and subjective understanding dependent on physical positions. I intentionally repurpose existing virtual representation, translation and surveillance technology to measure the blindspot between information and subjective understandings. The representation and translation of reality becoming virtual and three-dimensional, blurring the boundaries of sites. It corresponds directly to my national and physical position. 

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