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ish at the end of everything and you’ll always be right

2019- 2021

‘-ish’ is largely used for three purposes: 

  1. to form adjectives and nouns that say what country or area a person, thing, or language comes from, 

  2. to form adjectives that say what a person, thing, or action is like,

  3. to form adjectives to give the meaning to some degreefairly. ( Cambridge dictionary ) 


With regard to the third purpose, ’-ish’ is mainly used as an expression to describe something close enough but decisively different and often negative. It can be compared to the similarly used suffix ‘-like’ (ex: childish / childlike, adultish / adult-like). ‘-ish’ can be both ‘almost’ and ‘barely,’ which is contradictory in itself. 



Because of this quality, ‘-ish’ can be used in many circumstances and softly evades specificity. I am focusing on this word in order to visualize almost but barely delivered thoughts.


2019, endless coin toss spiral wishing well, Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, US

(w)ish front.jpg


2019, spiral coin toss funnel,  10 (Korean penny), motor, wood, metal, trampoline fabric, mesh 

41"x 72"x 36", Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, US

(w)ish front coin.jpg

coin toss

(w)ish funnel coin L.jpg
(w)ish coin spin L.jpg
(w)ish motor L.jpg
(w)ish motor2 L.jpg
(w)ish motor coin L.jpg

spring door stop, quarter coin support to increase tension


2020, glass bowl, magnifying glass, metal, motor, spring, wooden ball, 15” x 20" x 60"

A glass orb is slowly rubbing against a lens. Inside the orb, there is a wooden ball with a sentence burnt in. The sentence is written backwards and it saids “ish at the end of everything and you’ll always be right”.

(fin) ish

in process,  Spinning and whistling nerf balls chasing each others tale. Clampable at any objects.

Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, US

fish side L.jpg
side spin 2L.jpg

(fin) ish

in process, whistling nerf balls, clamps, iron, motor

53" x 13" x 4", Sculpture Space, Utica, NY, US

fish front L.jpg
spin_1 L.jpg
clamp L.jpg
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