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To be a proper being


To be a Proper Being' is a practice in order to visualize the sense of limitation. 

I am questioning the meaning of the making process and it’s accessibility for viewers. Planting strings from the center makes my body further away from it while it grows. The environment which has grown from the center becomes untouchable and seals within initial form.

'To Be a Proper Being' is a process oriented work. Liquid rubber was dripped on to the structure. The movement of drips flew down to the fabric strings, gradually building entangled forms and drawings. The base structure (To Be a Proper Being) creates a drawing, crystalized result and a residue.


The purpose of this project is to visually measure the gap between making and happening, consuming and digesting and most of all, intention and uncertainty, in order to blend both the strategy of bi-conditional, making processes and the unexpected outcome, which resembles the original map of my iris scan.


To be a proper being

installation view, 2015,,strings, mesh, wire, liquid rubber, 57"x57”x72" (except wires)


To be a proper being - eye level view


A crystalized result and a residue from the base structure, 'To be a proper being'

2015, plastic, rubber, 57”x57”


To be a proper being - water color drip drawing on paper

Dripping process documentation



before the dripping process

before drip-3.jpg

before the dripping process - bird's eye view, a map of the iris scan


after the dripping process


view from under

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